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jQuery Plug-in for Showing Message Box in Topbar

A jQuery Plug-in which you can use for showing notifications and messages in the topbar.

Create Printer Friendly Web Page Using Media Attribute

How can we optimize a web page for printer without creating new page

Creating always visible div using CSS

Explains how easily we can create an always visible div using very simple CSS trick in html

The Script tag runat="server" Problem Solution Using ResolveUrl

Solution to the script tag runat=\"server\" problem

MIME content-types with file extension

List of MIME content-types and their file extension

How to force a file to download in ASP.NET

This article is about how we can force the user to dowload a particlar file or file type by adding the content-disposition header

Links - Jun 02, 2008

Some good links about web site design and development

Add favicon to your web site or html page

Describes how to install and use a favicon on your website

Using RegEx(Regular Expressions) in JavaScript

using javascript to create and verify user's input by using regular expression at client side

Implementing Cookieless Session (ASP.NET)

Explains how to implement cookieless authentication in asp.net by settings in web.config

How to crawl a web page/file in a .net application

Explains how we can crawl a web page or file using a virtual path and store the response locally

How to Html Encode a string in .NET

How to html encode a string in .net for displaying on a page